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Joint OPEN SESAME and Instruct Macromolecular Crystallography Thematic School

Date: 30-Sep-2019 to 04-Oct-2019

Contact: Martin Walsh



The course will be hosted by Diamond Light Source and will provide a series of lectures on Macromolecular Crystallography (MX), bioSAXS and complementary sample biophysical techniques with hands on practicals on MX beamlines and data collection of test samples. Advanced data collection using the microfocus beamline, fragment screening methods and in-line SEC-SAXS will be included. The course will also include practicals/tutorials on data processing with tutorials on the use of software tools for MR and structure refinement provided by the CCP4 team at the Harwell Campus. Hands on data collection for bioSAXS on the beamline will also be provided along with tutorials for data reduction and analysis. Finally, the course will address methods for biophysical characterization of samples pertinent to preparing suitable samples for structural studies (e.g. thermofluor and SEC-MALLS).

The full programme will follow shortly.

Organising Committee

Martin Walsh (Diamond Light Source, MX)

Ray Owens (Harwell Research Complex and Instruct-ERIC)

Susan Daenke (Instruct-ERIC, Open -SESAME)

Dave Hall (Diamond Light Source, MX)

Eugene Krissinel (CCP4 & STFC/Research Complex at Harwell)

Rob Rambo (Diamond Light Source, bioSAXS)

Alberto Podjarny (IGBMC Strasbourg, Open-SESAME)

Participants will be accommodated on-site at Ridgeway House.

Early researchers and students from Middle East countries which are SESAME members are invited to apply early. Up to 20 places are available for them and participants will be selected based on the scientific quality of the project and the applicant's statement (including CV, motivation and recommendation letters).

Fellowships provided by the  OPEN SESAME  project will be available to fund travel, accommodation and visa costs for the selected participants.

More about Open-SESAME project

Open-SESAME is a H2020 project comprising a consortium of 11 major international organisations in 8 countries, collectively providing a training path for researchers in the Middle East and neighbouring countries. The main objective is to train researchers and SESAME staff in current best practice methods and techniques to ensure an optimal exploitation of the SESAME light source. SESAME has broken new ground in being the first large accelerator complex to be fully powered by renewable energy. Open-SESAME is helping to develop the scientific community for researchers, technicians, policy makers and the public to support its role as an important driver for the scientific, technical, cultural and economic development of the region.

More about Diamond Light Source

In addition to multiple beamlines for life sciences structure determination, Diamond Light Source offers access to a wide range of equipment and laboratories for the life-sciences community, including off-line laboratories for sample preparation and characterisation, the Membrane Protein Laboratory and the new Imaging Centre (eBIC) providing the latest electron microscopy capabilities and expertise in the UK.

Diamond, Harwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Joint OPEN SESAME and Instruct Macromolecular Crystallography Thematic School