Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Laboratory Manager, Division of Structural Biology, University of Oxford

University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 28 Oct 2019

The Zhang lab is seeking a highly motivated, well-organised and detail-oriented Laboratory Manager who can work independently. You will manage multiple research projects concurrently, independently perform complex laboratory work and technical analysis such as; protein purification and characterisation, binding/interaction assays between HIV and host cell proteins. You will run and maintain sophisticated instrumentation, independently develop methods and carry out procedures, such as; protein Kinase ATPase activity assay, fluorescence microscopy and transmission/scanning electron microscopy. You will trouble-shoot technical problems with experimental design and find suitable solutions or design new procedures to circumvent the difficulties.

You will perform a supervisory role, helping to train or oversee junior lab members. You will assist senior researchers in the design and plan of their projects, provide experimental assistance and advice to collaborators. You will coordinate all research related administrative activities, including writing research papers, organising group and project meetings, conducting biosafety and risk assessment, reviewing research budgets and ordering and stocking lab reagents. You will support and maintain lab databases, the lab webpage, lab data storage and management, generate statistical reports for inventories.

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Oxford, United Kingdom

Laboratory Manager, Division of Structural Biology, University of Oxford