Featured Podcast Series

I2PC Scipion Cryo-EM Image Processing Tutorials, May 2020
Joint Instruct-ARBRE MOBIEU Workshop, Feb 2020
2nd Best Practices in CryoEM Workshop, Oct 2018
Gain an understanding of the image processing tool, Scipion, through a range of worked examples in this series of tutorials A series of podcasts on the analysis and optimisation of sample quality for Cryo-EM and other structural techniques Glean highlights from this gathering of CryoEM research managers sharing their expertise
Workshop on Remote X-ray Data Collection from European Synchrotrons, May 2018
Scientific Highlights at Instruct-ULTRA assembly, Feb 2018
Sixteen podcasts from the workshop hosted by the Weizmann Institute from experts in Remote Data Collection Three structural biology podcasts looking at NMR of disordered proteins, CryoEM of bacteriophage and Mass Spectrometry  




Upcoming Events


NMR based hybrid approaches for cellular structural biology

Length: 22 minutes        Presenter: Prof Marc Baldus, Instruct-NL

Prof Marc Baldus from the University of Utrecht gives a short presentation about how NMR can work alongside other structural biology techniques such as cryo Electron Microscopy to determine challenging protein structures. Talk given at the Instruct-ULTRA annual meeting, March 2018 in Oxford. 


Structure and genome delivery mechanism of bacteriophage phi812

Length: 23 minutes    Presenter: Dr Jiřak Nováček, Instruct-CZ

Dr Jiřak Nováček presents new work using cryo-EM to determine the structure of bacteriophage phi812. Talk given at Instruct-ULTRA annual meeting 7 March 2018 in Oxford. 


Structural mass spectrometry

Length: 24 minutes  Presenter: Prof Justin Benesch, Instruct-UK 

Prof Justin Benesch presents recent research using mass spectrometry to determine the structure of difficult proteins, using optimised methods. Talk given at Instruct-ULTRA annual meeting 7 March 2018 in Oxford.





ARIA - Powering your access management from the cloud

Length: 50 minutes    Presenter: Fiona Sanderson, Instruct

Instruct software developer Fiona Sanderson delivers a CORBEL-hosted webinar, introducing ARIA, a cloud service system for the management of research infrastructures. The webinar focusses on the utility of ARIA features for facility managers and users.


Using ARIA for CORBEL service providers

Length: 25 minutes    Presenter: Fiona Sanderson, Instruct

Excerpt from the CORBEL training webinar broadcast on 09/05/18 showing how to use ARIA to perform a technical evaluation, manage a visit or remote access to a service/technology, and perform access feedback.


Using ARIA for CORBEL reviewers

Length: 12 minutes    Presenter: Natalie Haley, Instruct

Excerpt from the CORBEL training webinar broadcast on 08/05/18 showing how to use ARIA to perform a scientific review of a proposal.


Using ARIA for RI-VIS: Networks, forums, content and more

Length: 49 minutes    Presenter: Natalie Haley, Instruct

Webinar to give a basic overview of the ARIA content and network functionality used for the RI-VIS project.