Instruct ULTRA

WP4: Enriching and expanding the services provided by Instruct

Work package 4 relates to the development of new cutting edge technology that could be brought into the portfolio of services provided by Instruct-ERIC. It comprises two calls for small research and development projects that will involve all Instruct-ULTRA partners.

The first call was announced in autumn 2017, for pilot projects to exploit technologies that are either being developed or have been implemented by beneficiary partners, but are not currently available as an access service. The aim of these projects will be to introduce new and innovative technology into the portfolio of services provided by Instruct and aligns with the infrastructure review in WP2. In December 2017, six pilot projects were selected. Click here for project details. 

The second call was announced in spring 2018, for pilot project proposals that meet the needs of user communities outside the existing Instruct membership, including industry and non-European academic Institutes. The aim of Call 2 is to support the outreach programmes developed within WP3 and 5. 

Five pilot projects were awarded for Call 2 in April 2018. These include academic collaborations with Max F. Perutz laboratories at the University of Vienna, and the Brazilian centres  LNNano/CNPEM at Campinas and Center Aggeu Magalhães at Recife. Three industrial partners are working on new techniques in cryoEM, protein therapeutics and pharmaceutics, including Uni-Pharma and Nexperion.


Project Title

MU and Vienna University

Nuclear magnetic resonance paramagnetic relaxation methods for studies of intrinsically disordered proteins. 


Expanding cryo Electron Microscopy to Latin America

UU (Leiden) and Nexperion

Design of a UV sterilization device for cryoEM samples


Protein therapeutics

NHRF and Uni-Pharma

Structural studies of intrinsically disordered proteins towards the development of formulations for market- oriented pharmaceutical products.


Progress on these projects will be reported on the Instruct-ULTRA website over the next year and show-cased in coming newsletters.

Deliverables, Milestones and Reports