Instruct ULTRA

WP8: Increasing the quality and integrity of structural data and metadata and increasing open data sharing

Long term preservation of structural data and information about analysis and processing is essential to assure reliability and reproducibility. Instruct-ULTRA is working to expand services to include infrastructure linked to large scale data generation and the accompanying requirement for descriptive metadata, in four key areas.

Task 8.1: Increasing the quality and integration of data acquired at all installations, including exploring ways to provide a permanent archive of raw original data with appropriate Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).

Task 8.2: Improving the quality of reported information on data analysis processes. 

Task 8.3: Increase the quality and quantity of structural data deposited in public repositories.   

Task 8.4: Increase the openness and sharing of scientific data by all partners.


Deliverables, Milestones and Reports