Instruct ULTRA

Building on the success of Instruct-ERIC, Instruct-ULTRA was launched in 2017 to deepen and widen access to innovative high-end structural biology techniques within Europe and beyond.

Structural Biology is currently in the midst of a revolution enabled by significant advances in the tools such as cryo-EM, ultra-high field NMR and advances in synchrotron sources. Instruct-ULTRA is well placed to exploit new technologies and build capacity within both academic and industry settings in response to accelerating demand.

At the time of kick-off, ten EU countries benefitted from membership of Instruct-ERIC, allowing researchers access and funding to a wide range of structural biology infrastructure and training. Instruct-ULTRA aims to expand membership to other countries with the possibility to trial access beforehand.

The launch of pilot projects will aid further development and refinement of new innovations in structural biology techniques, allowing niche bespoke methods to find broader application across the wider scientific and medical research community.

Sixteen partners work together for Instruct-ULTRA, and the project is headed up by staff at the Instruct-ERIC hub in Oxford, UK. 

Instruct-ULTRA: Releasing the full potential of Instruct to expand and consolidate infrastructure services for integrated structural life science research.