Instruct ULTRA

WP5: Reaching new user communities and industry

A key focus for Instruct-ULTRA is to stimulate and promote the use of structural biology Research Infrastructures by Industry and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). There are particular opportunities to boost innovation in the pharmaceutical field. Beginning with a consultation survey, a list will be drawn up of services offered, which will map onto the various needs of industrial users. Working practices will be developed that provide easy access for industry users to Instruct-ERIC infrastructure and meetings organised with representatives of European Pharma and Biotech associations, to establish links and define a long-term strategic plan for outreach to industry users. Workshops and training courses will be targeted to corporate scientists, enabling them to access highest resolution instruments. The launch of an information campaign addressing SMEs will publicise all services and routes of access available, alongside disseminating research outcomes and promoting the use of open data. 

A second strand to Work Package 5 is attracting new academic communities. The tremendous technological advances of the "structural genomics revolution" of the 2000's, the determination of a vast number of 3D protein structures, and more recently the advent of Big Data for precision medicine present powerful opportunities for biologists with no previous background in structural biology. An outreach program will be developed for the biomedical academic community to raise awareness of the impact of structural biology methods in explaining molecular mechanisms related to health and disease. Outreach will include contact with biomedical associations and participation at conferences and seminars on given specific clinical topics, such as neuroscience, virology and cancer.  

The best placed people to promote Instruct-ERIC are the project partners and participating scientists, and we will help them by providing regularly updated information (slides and brochures) which can be integrated with scientific or strategic presentations. Larger scale representation of Instruct-ERIC will be supported by banners, targeted literature and visual medial. 

Work Package 5 is headed up by colleagues at the Italy Instruct centre.

Deliverables, Milestones and Reports