Instruct ULTRA

WP6: Expanding access provision and user services

There are three areas where Instruct-ULTRA will invest in development of new structural biology methods to new communities and users. 

1. A Virtual Laboratory Environment (VLE) will be launched to promote collaboration between service providers in protein production and sample characterisation. The VLE will serve as a common gateway to share protocols and equipment, whilst catalysing the development of common practices and standards. 

2. Expansion of NMR user communities. Building on the well established collaborations between structural biologists engaging in NMR, there is scope and demand for NMR collaborations in other areas of life science research including drug discovery and food science. Pilot access provision will be set up for such new users. Concurrently, Instruct-ULTRA will promote structural biology approaches combining solution state NMR spectroscopy and cry-electron microscopy, for example in studies into intrinsically disordered domains in protein complexes. 

3. A project to test remote access for EM data collection. In response to over-demand, remote control of cryo-electron microscopes should maximise the up-time and usage of such microscopes to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Implementation will be tested on samples and data drawn from existing Instruct-ERIC resources to benchmark the process, followed by a call for pilot projects from the Instruct user community. 

Work package 6 is headed up by colleagues at the Instruct Netherlands centre.


(Photo by Chrumps, shared under CC4.0)